terça-feira, 8 de setembro de 2009


Hands tremble and the unconscious creates dreams before the light of a moon that shines like your eyes in my mind! Are reflections of a history of unexpected feelings and doubts sweet! Beneath the cold rain your smile warms my virtual body becomes small bumps when thinking of you!I'm afraid of certain feelings, certain feelings that have always kill me, ever hurt me .. I do not want ghosts in my life!Beginning to think I could write a book about my life, since often do not know or think or even what I think ..
One day I'll write every day of our life to read, like in the movie, when I do not remember that I exist and who I am when you can not already feel that the world is full of chocolate and stars because of you! When you walk out of my world I'll try to convince you to smile again ... the diary of our life .. (you know I speak) ... I do not know where you came, as there is a space of my own, do not know why you entered suddenly and as you fill the unknown joy ... I know nothing of these answers .. But I know what I feel right now .. You also know ...

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